Role Play Training Promotions and Development

Role Play Training Promotions and Development

Home Office Interview Skills Course. Various.

Peugeot management training.

Birmingham City Council Manager Assessments. [Also PDR training film.]

Bethlehem Hospital River House secure unit trials.

Europe School of Haematologists annual workshop on enhancing communication within the patient-doctor relationship.

HMRC Giving bad news courses.

National Cancer Action Team advanced communication skills and training trainers courses.

St Georges/St Helier, St Bartholomew’s and the London Breaking bad news courses.

Oxford GP counselling course.

St Thomas French GP consultation course.

Kings GP telephone consultation course, also for Receptionists.

RDMC GP consultation courses.

East Midlands DOH GP.

OSCE for St Thomas’s, Queens Hospital Essex, UEA and The Royal Society of Apothecaries St Helier Hospital.St Bartholomew’s and The Royal London Hospital.

HMRC Manager training.

L'Oréal and Body Shop Management and team difficult conversations workshops.

London Overground and Cross-rail managers and customer services recruitment and assessment.

National and European Chemsex Workshops.

End Of Life workshop for GPs. Anglia Ruskin University.

Blatchford ‘Effective Conversations’ workshops.

Met Police assessments and training.

St Georges Macmillan Cancer Patients Surgical Journey Film.

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